Autumn Lockdown

Autumn Lockdown

Saturday 31st October 2020

During the autumn lockdown the primary reason to attend our clinic must be for the well-being of your unborn baby, gender & 4D images are secondary.

Numi Scan are able to offer our patient's the following appointments:

Early Pregnancy scans
Well-Being Scans
Gender Scans
Presentation Scans
4D Scans

Diagnostic Vascular Scans:
Carotid Artery Scans
AAA Scans
DVT Leg Scans
Arterial Leg Scans
Vascular MOT

Please ensure you wear a mask and wait outside until you are asked to enter the clinic.
Your partner is welcome to attend the appointment with you.
No children are allowed to attend the appointments.

Keep safe Numi Scan

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