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You're having a baby, that's fantastic news!

PLEASE DO NOT COME TO NUMI SCAN IF YOU OR YOUR FAMILY ARE SHOWING SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19. Please could you bring only one guest with you and kindly wait outside the clinic until a member of staff invites you into the clinic for your appointment. On entering the clinic please use the alcohol rub provided. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is one of the most amazing times in your life and one that you won't want to forget. We understand this at Numi Scan and provide superior quality images, colour photos and even capture a live stream of the whole event for you to share with whoever you want wherever they are in the world. Our 2D baby scan allows us to check that baby is doing well and provide a wellbeing report with every scan we do. All of our 4D packages come with a wellbeing report as well as additional 3D photo's and 4D 'HD Live' movie clips. You will be able to share your baby's first yawn, smile and even get a sneaky peek at their tiny little toes, all for you to keep forever.

We offer our patient's reassurance from as early as 7 weeks with our early pregnancy scan package, sometimes even earlier if you have a really full bladder. Also, if you are unsure of your dates or cannot get to see your midwife as soon as you would like, these scans are perfect for giving you an estimated due date. Once baby reaches 16 weeks 3 days we are able to reveal the gender with 99.9% accuracy. Combined with one of our awesome confetti cannons containing either pink or blue confetti for a fantastic day to remember.

Numi Scan also offers diagnostic vascular screening for carotid arteries, abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), leg deep vein thrombosis (DVT) & peripheral arterial disease (PAD). in addition to this we are proud to be one of only a few clinics to offer the Harmony prenatal test. Harmony is a DNA-based blood screening test that measures the risk of Down syndrome (trisomy 21) from as early as 10 weeks in pregnancy with 99% accuracy. The Harmony test will also confirm gender from 10 weeks.

Who are we?

Numi Scan is one of the leading providers of private non-diagnostic obstetrics ultrasound experiences in the south east. In addition to checking the well-being of your baby it's a great opportunity for parents to seek reassurance & bond with their unborn child.

We also offer diagnostic vascular screening for patients over 45 years old, this is a great way to ensure your lifestyle is on track for a long and healthy life. We have expert healthcare professionals with years of experience in medical ultrasound using the latest high end ultrasound equipment capable of producing 2D, 3D and 4D 'HD Live' ultrasound scans. Numi Scan is also proud to be the only clinic in the UK to offer an in-house BSL interpreter FREE of charge- at our Stansted clinic. Please contact to arrange. Please arrange other translation services if English or BSL is not your first language to ensure you get the most from your appointment.

Our clinic is designed to deliver outstanding patient focused healthcare in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment. We also make use of large 50" LED TV's linked to our ultrasound machine to allow our customers to visualise what's happening inside them in real time. It also allows our staff to talk you through your scan as it happens and point out baby's anatomy.

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Our clinics have a boutique feel with designer furniture and slick decor to ensure you have an experience to remember.

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