Pregnancy trends to look out for this year

Pregnancy trends to look out for this year

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Exercising until the end

More women are not slowing down when it comes to exercising while they are pregnant.

Tone up for a fit and healthy pregnancy with these 5 exercises.

Midwives are more common

Pregnancy trends show that more women opt for a midwife to deliver their baby, as they are looking for personalised care with less intervention.

Hospitals are going wireless

More hospitals are now using wireless foetal telemetry (to monitor the foetus) so that the mother-to-be can be mobile before giving birth.

Pregnant women are stylish

The fashion industry has taken a keen interest in maternity wear, and this is why we are seeing more stylish pregnant women.

Post-baby spa treatments at hospitals

There is an increase in number of hospitals offering enticing perks to ensure the post-baby experience is enhanced.

Women want fairness at work

The modern mom is equipped with information on rules and their rights around pregnancy and maternity leave. More women want to be assured their jobs are secure after pregnancy.

Birthing centres are big

Pregnancy trends reveal that many pregnant women are choosing birthing centres for a "home-like experience". They are also finding birthing centres, especially those at hospitals, to be safer.

Cord milking and delayed clamping are more popular

"We're seeing more women request delayed clamping, due to new research that shows that if you wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsating (about two minutes) the baby gets a little extra blood from the placenta, which helps protect him from diseases, such as anaemia," says US gynaecologist Dr Jacques Moritz.

More couples are also deciding to bank their baby's cord blood and cord tissue to ensure that his stem cells will be available in the future.

Advanced research

Pregnant women are benefiting from advanced research, which has made delivery easier for both mom and baby.

More women believe the placenta has power

A final, and maybe weirder, pregnancy trend is that more women, in the hope of relieving postnatal stress, request that their midwives grind the placenta to be sprinkled over their food or taken as a pill. A small study found 76% of women reported benefits from doing so. Some gynaes, though, suspect that it's due to the placebo effect.

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